The design process from Idea to physical prototype, or anywhere in between.
We can work with you at any stage of the product life cycle, including product redesign, reverse engineering, project rescues, even cost-downs.
Let us help you solve your engineering problems!
Go to Idea


Turn your ideas and requirements into models to explore, using system, analog and digital level tools

Go to Engineering


Turn existing specs into reality – design circuit schematics, PCB layout, RTL and embedded software keeping a close eye on costs

Go to Prototyping


Create a physical prototype for testing – handling all aspects of PCB manufacture, component procurement, assembly, programming and testing.

Go to Evaluation


Design an evaluation platform, including specification of equipment, design of special test jigs and programming of any automation required.

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Electronics design and Programming support for Hampshire and the UK

With a 15+ Year track record in industry, working for big companies, we have developed quite a wide set of skills.

With a history of working with multiple embedded platforms, digital and analog circuit modeling and design, Microcontroller programming, PCB design, FPGA hardware and RTL design, Integrated Circuit design, Evaluation rig and Production Testing,
We think we have got many aspects of electronics covered.

We will follow any existing design process you have in place, or make something specific for your needs.
We will work to a fixed-price or by-the-hour model, whatever suits your needs.
We have a particular focus on low-cost design and value for money
Contact us and let's see how we can work together!

  • Electronic Circuit Modeling and Design

  • On Linux, RTOS or bare-metal

  • Layout, Manufacture and Assembly

  • RTL design with VHDL or Verilog


Data security and privacy is secured with a comprehensive computing strategy to keep your precious design data available and private. "more details"


Customer data is paid for and owned by you. We don't retain rights to any work we do, and all CAD data is available if required. All libraries, footprints, models. Everything. No nonsense!


Customers have direct access to engineering staff and can be assured of a timely response to any queries, at any design stage, regardless of contractual status.


David Rowtree

Head of Design and Director
Electronics geek and Maker since early childhood, Dave has always been involved with Electronics, through college, University and the last 20 years of working in industry.

Dave can only be separated from his laptop with the help of a surgeon.

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