Stainless steel prototype stencils

New solder paste stencils from OSHstencils are awesome I recently made a couple of small batches of pre-production prototype samples for a customer. I was not convinced laser cut Kapton tape stencils would be long-lived enough to handle hand assembly of multiple units. I was resigned to ordering multiple stencils to cover this. Around this Read more about Stainless steel prototype stencils[…]

Hack attack!

Hack and slash This new website has been online less than a week, before I noticed it had been “pwnd.” I say “noticed” because I’m pretty new to setting up web servers, and probably took too long to finish all the security measures, in my rush to get the whole thing on-line. As a consequence, Read more about Hack attack![…]

Hand assembly reflow soldering

Instructable: SMT Reflow soldering using Kapton Solder Stencil

I wrote a guide on instructables.comĀ about my experiences with using cheap laser cut Kapton sheet solder stencils for solder paste stencilling, and subsequent re flow soldering with hot air. All by hand under a microscope.   Prototyping For low volume production and prototyping use, the short life of these stencils is perfectly fine, and I Read more about Instructable: SMT Reflow soldering using Kapton Solder Stencil[…]