Collaboration with Winchester Science Centre

We were approached a while ago to work on an exhibit for the Winchester Science Centre, for a research project associated with Southampton University. Whilst we’ve been working on this on and off for a few months (and it’s still not done…) things recently got a lot more interesting!

A friend from our local Makerspace (So Make It: Southampton Makerspace) recently got a job in the workshop at WSC. He got in touch with us to see how we could help carry some of the workload 🙂 So we’re onsite a few days a week, beavering away in the workshop helping finish off some exhibits that are being prepared for the public.

But that’s not all.

[We didn’t tell you this]

Coming soon is a major revamp of the downstairs of WSC.  With a massive installation of new exhibits, totally custom made, Sobuildit is supplying all the Electronics, some of it custom designed, some of it off-the-shelf. We will be heavily involved with many aspects of the look and feel of this very ambitious and exciting hands-on educational installation. We’re not trying to make this sound more exciting than it really is – it really is going to be awe-inspiring!

And we’re not going to spoil it – you’ll have to wait for the official announcement from WSC to find out what it’s all about 🙂


(all images shamelessly copied from the WSC website)

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