Accessing customer deliverables

From time to time we may prefer to distribute electronic deliverables for content such as reports, CAD data and test data via this website rather than email. This is often due to the size limitations, spam filter restrictions or unreliability of email. If this is the case, we will email you a time-limited personal permalink to this website. It will look something like:

Where “OWEQA” will be replaced with our company short code for you (we use company shortcodes with external services to improve customer security)

No content in the page including the linked resource will contain any reference to your project, beyond a simple ID code. Again, this is to improve customer security!

The link will take you to a simple page where asset files may be downloaded for a limited time until the link expires. Such files will be encrypted and only readable with a password which we will text to your mobile phone or send in a separate email.

The files will be compressed using the opensource 7-ZIP package, which can either be opened directly like below:

Select the path to the file with the central browser, and select the ZIP file, then hit “extract”


Enter the password we email you in the relevant box, and hit “OK”


If you installed 7-Zip with the windows shell integration, then you can simply right-click the file, and select “7-ZIP” followed by “Extract here” which will then prompt you for the password before extracting the files.

Try the example link above now, to check the process works on your computer before you actually need it!

Please note, once the link expires (usually a few days), the file will no longer be accessible and will be removed from our server.


Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!