Electronics Specifications Idea planning


All products start with an idea. We can help you adjust your ideas until we together come to a solution that could be prototyped.

Our involvement with your project can start right at the start, with some rough requirements, or it could come much later after a detailed specification is available. We are flexible with this process. We want to see you succeed and we will help in any way we can.



You can ask us to review your product idea or specification for feasibility, without any promise of further involvement. We are happy to advise on all aspects of electronics design and prototyping, including crowd-sourced projects.


Competitor Product analysis and Reverse Engineering

Sometimes an idea is more strategic, and there is a wish to expand product lines to align better with competitor offerings. In order to gain as much information as possible, we can review, analyse, and reverse engineer Electronic products. We would perform both destructive or non-destructive analysis as you require. We would offer our findings as a written technical report containing as much manufacturing detail as possible.


Re-work old product lines

Sometimes older products need a little spring cleaning. We can take your existing designs, and update to modern manufacturing techniques. We can rework designs to reduce component and assembly costs, and improve manufacturability. If original design data are lost, we can reverse engineer your product and recreate usable design files. This will allow design updates to be made. In the case of component obsolescence, we can help with minimal redesign needed to incorporate newer components.

Crowd Sourcing

It is well known that the major crowd sourcing websites have their own manufacturing support teams. In some cases, they may decide that your project is not valuable enough to offer their support. We can help. Together we can work to validate the manufacturing viability of an idea or existing prototype. Please contact us if you need some help getting your Electronics-based projects off to a flying start!


Contact now!

Contact us via Email or use the contact page to start the process. We will review your ideas and give you an idea of feasibility without charge.

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